Uncovering the Personality of Miller Creek RV Park

When we first teamed up with Miller Creek RV Park, the park was beginning the process of a complete makeover. Everything from their website and branding to the park grounds was ready for a fresh start. NextLevel Thinking was tasked with going through our Investigation process to find out what made this RV park stand out in the midst of the Texas Hill Country and create a marketing strategy that would make it shine.

Listening Before We Lead

We began Investigation by listening before we led, which entailed surveying current and past guests to learn about their experiences at Miller Creek. We learned that guests were drawn to the park by the killer location nestled between towns like Fredericksburg, Dripping Springs, and Wimberley. Plus, there was an amazing sense of community among the long-term guests who often spent several weeks at a time at Miller Creek. And let’s not forget the park’s quirky personality – that was pure gold for our team to begin developing a new marketing strategy and brand identity. 

The Story of “Miller”

With our findings, we came up with a new brand story that is unlike anything we have done before by personifying the brand and creating a character named “Miller” who embodied the spirit of the park. Miller is a modern-day explorer always on the lookout for a comfortable place to land when in need of a break from his life of adventure. We crafted a story told from Miller’s perspective, and it brought the new strategy to life.

Bringing New Life to Miller Creek

The transformation Miller Creek RV Park has undergone so far is phenomenal. The park underwent renovations in early 2023 to enhance the guest experience and provide the comfort, closeness to nature, and escape they were aiming for. The Miller Creek website has gone from a very outdated system to a site where you can visually see what makes them special and find everything you need to know. Most importantly, the vision of Miller Creek has grown from a simple park update to utilizing its prime location to function as a hub at the center of endless Hill Country exploration. 

Ongoing Growth

By providing resources, events, and more, guests can get so much more out of their time at the park. As for the collaboration between NextLevel Thinking and Miller Creek, it has been a blast. The Miller Creek team was ready for growth, and their enthusiasm fueled our creativity. We could not be happier to work with them. And our favorite part? Well, that is something we are still working on. We are creating resources for guests to explore the surrounding areas, starting with Fredericksburg. It is incredibly fulfilling to see this process unfold, from guests talking about Miller Creek’s prime location to us developing itineraries that let them experience all the personalities of Texas.

If you want to book your next long or short-term stay, Miller Creek RV Park provides a great location, welcoming family atmosphere, regular on-site activities to enjoy the community, and all the resources you need to explore the Hill Country to the max!

Be sure to visit Miller Creek RV Park’s website to book your next Hill Country adventure!