About Us

When we created NextLevel Thinking, we set out to build a virtual firm that combines the disciplines of marketing strategy and creative thinking.

That is our core competency!!!

Our Client Experience Team

Eric Poerschke

Tara Lockhart

Kristen Dyson

Kate Buchanan

Emily Hemenway

Stephanie Jackson

Scott Blair

Oana Borcoman

Kelsey Barker

Our World Headquarters is located in Houston, Texas and our associates are located all over the US. For each of our projects, we put together a team that is specially qualified to address your unique needs.

Creative Thinking

Website Design and Development


Competitive Intelligence

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Graphic Design

Logo Creation


Qualitative Marketing Research

Quantitative Marketing Research

Media Planning and Placement

Our Purpose

Challenging organizations to discover who they are, understand what business they are actually in, and confidently articulate their why.

Our Core Values

Giving the client what they need, not just what they want.
Seeing the needs of a client is our specialty. Being able to help the client understand what they need beyond what they want is our distinctive approach.
We listen before we lead.
We listen to our client, study their marketplace, and talk to their customers. It’s only after this communication takes place that we are fully equipped to lead them on a journey of discovery and growth.
Everyone needs what we offer. They just may not be ready for it.
Clients usually understand that real sustained growth requires work and plenty of company soul searching. Not every organization is currently equipped to take on this type of initiative. We’re willing to wait until the timing is right for both of us.