The Way Forward: Artificial Intelligence in Marketing and Business

The Way Forward: AI in Marketing and Business

In the Summer of 2023, our intern Kyle Poerschke created and sent a survey to many of our clients and connections. The research objective was to determine if the inclusion of ChatGPT affects the desirability and trustworthiness of a marketing firm. The goal was to gather responses from as many business owners as possible, as their opinions help understand the average entrepreneur’s mindset towards this new technological advancement. Here are our 5 main findings:

1. General Acceptance but Room for Enhanced Understanding:
The survey revealed that 65.45% of business professionals have used ChatGPT, indicating a widespread adoption of AI technology. However, 60% were not fully aware of ChatGPT’s capabilities, suggesting a gap in understanding. This underscores the need for better education and outreach about AI’s potential.

2. Trust and Technology – A Delicate Balance:
When it comes to trust, 61.82% believe that the use of ChatGPT would moderately to substantially impact their trust in a marketing firm. Interestingly, only a small fraction felt it would affect their trust greatly, indicating an openness to AI integration, provided it’s balanced with human insight.

3. The Imperative of Transparency:
A resounding 74.54% of respondents emphasized the importance of marketing firms being transparent about their use of ChatGPT. This finding highlights the need for clear communication in preserving trust and ensuring clients are comfortable with the technology used in their projects.

4. The Unwavering Need for Human Touch:
Despite recognizing AI’s efficiencies, an overwhelming 96.37% rated human involvement as important or very important. This indicates a clear preference for a blend of human creativity with AI’s efficiency rather than a complete shift to automated processes.

5. Preference for AI-Enhanced Firms:
Reflecting a pragmatic approach, 74.07% of respondents preferred a marketing firm that integrates AI with human creativity, suggesting that the future of marketing lies in the symbiosis of technology and human insight.

The survey sheds light on the nuanced integration of AI into the marketing and business industries. While there’s an acknowledgment of ChatGPT’s benefits, the emphasis remains on human touch and transparency. The way forward is clear: leverage AI as a tool to enhance, not replace, human expertise, ensuring a balance that respects both efficiency and the personal connection crucial in business relationships.

Thank you to everyone who submitted responses. Your input helped give us insight into how Chat GPT ‘s role in business will evolve in the coming years, as well as the best mindset to adopt when integrating AI in all areas of marketing. To read the full report, click the link below!