Easter 2024: The Practice of Hospitality

easter 2024

Easter 2024: The Practice of Hospitality

In the beautiful tapestry of Easter, there’s this thread of hospitality that weaves through the narrative, making moments of connection shine bright. Think about the Last Supper—Jesus gathering with his crew, sharing a meal like old times. It wasn’t just about the food; it was about sharing love and building community.

Then there’s that moment with Mary Magdalene at the garden tomb. Jesus, risen and all, pops up and catches her off guard. But instead of being all mysterious, he’s like, “Hey Mary, it’s me!” Talk about a heartwarming surprise. In that moment, he showed her that hospitality isn’t just about opening your home; it’s about opening your heart to people, especially when they’re hurting.

So, as we celebrate Easter, let’s take a page from Jesus’ playbook. Let’s invite people in, share some love and laughter, and make them feel at home. Whether it’s over a meal or a simple chat, let’s extend the same hospitality that Jesus showed, creating spaces where everyone feels valued and loved.

Happy Easter!

The NextLevel Thinking Team