Team Spotlight: Angie De La Cruz

Do you have any milestone moments or favorite memories from your time as an NLT Team Member so far?

Reflecting on this first year as an NextLevel Thinking team member, a standout milestone for me has been the significant growth in confidence I’ve experienced in account management and in adopting the unique NLT DNA. It’s been a journey of both personal and professional growth that I’m very proud of.

A particular highlight from this year was my trip to Washington D.C. to visit a client during one of their events and conduct interviews as part of the investigation phase of our project. This was not only my first visit to Washington D.C. but also a great opportunity to work closely with a client and see our work in action.

How would you describe what it is like to work at NextLevel Thinking?

Working at NLT can be best described as being part of a powerhouse team. We’ve got a mix of exceptional talents, all bringing different geniuses, skills, and perspectives to the table. Collaboration is not just encouraged—it’s the cornerstone of how we operate. We genuinely care about the well-being of our clients and end up becoming part of their teams, which is pretty amazing!

What advice would you give a candidate who wants to join our team of superstars?

For candidates looking to join our team, my advice would be to bring your passion for marketing and a genuine desire to help businesses grow. NLT is the ideal environment for those who thrive in collaborative settings where creativity and strategy come together. Come prepared to ask questions and don’t hesitate to do so. Our team is always willing to collaborate and help out. Be patient. It takes some time to get to know and understand the client’s business and the NLT way, but you will get there.

When asked what it is like working with Angie, this is what our team had to say:

“Angie is one of the most caring people I have ever met. She is always looking out for others, making sure they feel comfortable, appreciated, and seen. Her generosity and kindness has become indispensable to our team at NLT and it is also cherished by our clients.” – Kyle Poerschke

Angie shines in creating a supportive environment that enhances our team’s culture and productivity. Her unwavering support, keen eye for detail, and ability to always keep the end goal in mind make Angie an indispensable pillar of NLT and our client’s success. – Caitlin Hunter

“What can I say about Angie? She’s been a team favorite since the day she arrived at NextLevel Thinking. What a great attitude! Her incredible dedication and knack for getting things done with such positivity not only inspires us, but is the heartbeat of what we’re all about.” – Eric Poerschke