Team Spotlight: Eric Poerschke


Over the last 22 years, Eric has led the team with the mission of taking our clients to the next level by making it our business to understand theirs. Eric reflected on his time and favorite moments with NextLevel Thinking so far:

Do you have any milestone moments or favorite memories from your time leading NLT?

First of all, I can’t believe we’re in our 22nd year! We opened our doors in October of 2001, and shortly after that, things took off. We were asked to present to the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center regarding our ideas to increase blood donations in the region. The opportunity was big, and the competition was tough. Thankfully, we were chosen among many well established regional firms based on our methodology, which remains largely unchanged to this day. 

The tremendous success of our advice to get out of the blood business and into the life business, anchored by the phrase Commit for Life, allowed us to work with many blood centers all over the country. I have the frequent flyer miles to prove it.

As we began to diversify our client mix, we realized that our strategic approach worked in almost every situation. Our clients have enjoyed a lot of success over the years, and we have benefited greatly from those relationships.

However, as I stated in a post reflecting on 2022, it’s not the accomplishments that make life worth living. It’s the relationships and the joy of living life together as a team that I will always be most thankful for! 

How would you describe what it is like to work at NextLevel Thinking?

We love being in the idea business! Sure, just like anything, there are activities that we like to do and others, not so much. But think about getting to work with a bunch of very compassionate, highly motivated, creative thinkers that really enjoy each other and never get tired of challenging the status quo, pushing in new and sometimes uncomfortable directions, and refusing mediocrity.

To me, that’s what it’s like to work at NextLevel Thinking!

When asked what it is like working with Eric, this is what the team had to say:

“Eric and I have worked together for a decade and it has been the most rewarding relationship of my professional career. Eric is an amazing coach and mentor both on the court and in the boardroom. ” – Tara Lockhart

“Eric is an excellent coach. We appreciate him for the way he comes alongside our team to solve problems, and push our thinking.” – Kate Buchanan

“Eric is a great coach and mentor, and really takes the time to invest in the people that work for NextLevel Thinking. He values creative thinking and is always down to push clients and team members to their next level.” – Kristen Dyson

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