NextLevel Thinking’s New Look and Feel

NLT Success Story

NLT Success Story

For over twenty years, NextLevel Thinking has helped businesses understand who they are, why their clients buy from them, and how their company is situated amongst their competitors. Our first priority has always been our clients. While that has resulted in many exciting opportunities and business relationships, we realized there was an important aspect we were not prioritizing: ourselves. Our website, communication initiatives, and overall look and feel were outdated. Our team decided to take the time to evaluate who we are and why our clients value us, just like we do for our clients. 

We collaborated with Padrón Design Studio to assess what our look and feel was communicating. We learned that it was “square, limited, and outdated”. This new perspective was incredibly helpful in understanding the discrepancy between who we actually are and what our visual personality was telling people about us. 

Next, we looked at our competitive landscape to learn how others are positioning themselves in the marketplace. We learned that, through Our Methodology, challenging the status quo and providing a holistic approach to help organizations ask the important questions to learn what really makes them stand out is what makes us stand out. 

And finally, when asked for one word to describe us, our clients used words like, “engaging”, “creative”, “thorough”, “forward-thinking”, and “strategic”. These descriptions of our firm further reinforced the kind of thinking that we bring to each client experience. In fact, the following client quote provides an excellent summary of the feedback: “NLT listens and understands your business before making recommendations. They build a custom plan for you based on the insight obtained from comprehensive discussions with employees and clients/customers. They are not your typical marketing firm!”

With this new knowledge in hand, we created a website, communication initiatives, a social media presence, marketing materials, and more. The updated visual personality was inspired by “thought bubbles, process charts, data visualization, and human versus data”. Our team learned several important lessons through this process:

  • Change is not easy, it takes great time and effort.
  • It is not easy to look at yourself critically, especially when things are going well. However, that is the best time to take a look at what you can be doing better.
  • There is always more to learn, and seeking out opinions from your clients, team, and third parties is always beneficial.


We have been helping our clients reach their next level, but now we have finally given ourselves the opportunity to do the same.