The Next 20 Years

The Next Twenty Years

The Next Twenty Years

It’s certainly a fun exercise to project what the next twenty years at NextLevel Thinking might look like, but a daunting task just the same. Looking back, there is no way we could have predicted what we would look like in 2022.

Twenty years ago, the internet was just a blip on the radar for most of us without any understanding of how it would come to change the business world. Now, it is a central reality of how we communicate and do business with each other.

Just think about this. Businesses relied primarily on traditional paid advertising to communicate their value proposition to the world. Now, four out of five potential customers/clients use search engines to get information about your business, and digital marketing communicates your points of emphasis to a narrowly defined target audience in a more efficient manner.

What about social media? It is now a requirement for your business to have a “relationship” with those it wishes to serve. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and many others have enabled this two-way communication. In addition, video has allowed for this exchange to be much more engaging, and all you need is a smartphone to get started.

See what we mean? Daunting, and the rules are constantly changing.

However, at NextLevel Thinking, our core belief that customer/client knowledge drives the development of strategy and allows you to interact with your target audience in new and different ways probably won’t change a whole lot.

And finally, as mentioned in a previous article, our client experience team really is the key to our success. We’ll continue to look for people that the marketing strategy firm can bless and in turn can bless NLT.

So, as a prediction, the landscape will continue to evolve, and we will evolve as well. Nevertheless, the guiding principles of helping you understand your business through the eyes of your customers/clients and working in an environment where we really enjoy doing life together will continue to stand the test of time.

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