Working Remote: Our Perspective

At NextLevel Thinking, we consider ourselves to be part of a virtual firm.  What exactly does that mean?  NLT does not have a brick and mortar store front, instead we operate from our homes or satellite offices.  With the technology available, we are able to conduct business from any location that has internet connectivity and cellular service.

We asked each account manager to weigh in on working remote and here are their thoughts:

“Working remotely has been a game changer in terms of how I think about work. Before I started working remotely, I thought working from home would be isolating, and wondered how it would affect the social aspect of my job. After experiencing working remotely, I have come to find I can still actively maintain connections with my coworkers and clients through the use of various forms of technology, while also meeting in person when available.

The flexibility provided by working remotely has allowed for greater freedom in my professional and personal life. I can schedule both work and personal appointments when it’s convenient for me, and can often bring my laptop with me to better utilize my time while I’m waiting to see a doctor, teacher, etc. I can attend networking events without creating conflict with my work commitments, and also get the added benefit of working with many talented and creative individuals across many industries from around the country. I also love that I don’t have to put my children in full time daycare, and can attend school events and functions without worrying about missing work.

My productivity has increased, as I’m no longer bound to the distractions and interruptions of a traditional office environment, which I have found can be a great creator of unnecessary stress. It’s nice to be able to work in the relaxing space of my own home, or on a restaurant patio on a nice day and enjoy the beautiful weather. I’m not spending two or more hours a day commuting, and often use the time I would be in traffic plugging away at work. My creativity and quality of life has seen a boost, as I’m able to work from a coffee shop, library, or other public place and gain inspiration from getting out of my work comfort zone.

Of course, working remotely is not without its challenges – I often work evenings, early mornings and holidays to accommodate my schedule – but I find that this is not a big trade off, and feel that working remotely benefits both myself, my clients and the great marketing strategy firm that I work for!”

“Working remotely was not something that I ever thought I’d be doing, but all of that changed when my oldest daughter was born and I wanted more flexibility. While there are obviously huge benefits to working remotely for myself and my family, there are also great benefits that come to my work as well. I’m no longer limited to working with those are just in my building or in my city. It allows me to partner with the best folks no matter where they are located because you can do great work anywhere. There is also less time wasted. Sometimes when you work in an office, you are physically in the building but there are a lot of distractions in place that can take away your focus. Now, when it’s time for me to work, I put all my attention into work.”

“After spending most of my career in an office cubicle, I love working remotely.  Who wouldn’t enjoy padding to their computer in bunny slippers to start their day?  While I could list one hundred reasons how my working remotely benefits my family, I’d rather focus on the client benefits.

From a business perspective, my productivity has risen significantly in that I am no longer tied to a 9-5 day and I am able to avoid the distractions of being in an office.  I also avoid traffic and the lengthy commute many of my colleagues suffer through each day.  According to the US Census, the average American commute is 26 minutes.  Over the course of a year, that gives my clients access to an additional 220+ hours of availability that would be spent in a vehicle, not to mention the environmental benefits.  Recently I had the flu, but there was no need to call in sick.  My laptop simply went to bed with me and I was able to complete all the tasks on my client to do lists and get a jump on the next week.

I believe the largest benefit to our clients is the talent of the team we have assembled.  We work with best in class individuals all over the world.  Take for instance a video producer, Steve, I have worked with on multiple projects.  He resides in South America and handles a good portion of our custom animation video needs.  We have never met in person, but often chat late at night online about project needs.  With today’s technology, it’s as if he is working in the next room not 4,000 miles away.  One of my favorite graphic designers moves often due to her husband’s profession.  Instead of spending time and resources searching for and training a new designer that can meet our needs, we have been able to retain her talent.

From a personal perspective, working remotely has provided the opportunity to be “more present” in all aspects of my life which has led to a reduced stress level and more happiness.”

Are you in favor of telecommuting?  Does your company support a hybrid approach of in office and work from home days?  We would love to hear your thoughts on LinkedIn.