Survey Says: The Top Survey Tools

Surveys are a popular tool in garnering feedback on your company,  products, services, and prices.  According to Explorance, there are six reasons to survey your clients:

1 Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

2 Customer Engagement

3 Product and Service Enhancements

4 Customer Data

5 Operational Efficiency

6 Bench-marking for Development

Each of the above purposes require extensive thought and creativity to develop effective questions. A quick Google search garners hundreds of survey examples, but each question should be evaluated for your company’s feedback needs.

Once you develop questions, you must choose an appropriate survey tool. At NextLevel Thinking we make use of several different survey tools on behalf of our clients. Survey Monkey is user-friendly and contains numerous templates that can be easily altered.  Survey Monkey is also an affordable option with accounts available at different levels depending on a company’s needs.

Google Forms is the most affordable option available- free with a Google account. Once the survey is completed, the data is analyzed in a spreadsheet. Definitely easy to use, but less robust than other options.

Qualtrics is the best in class, but most expensive option. While they do offer a free option, the robust analytics in the paid option set hem apart from the competition.

Interested in taking a deeper dive into survey tools?  Check out last week’s blog post from Robly where they reviewed their Top Ten Survey Tools.