Focus on the List

Improve your english vocabulary while fine-tuning your dSLR front/back focus

One of the things that we preach to our clients is: “Focus on the list, not the creative.”  On average, your email contact list degrades 22.5% year over year due to career changes, opt outs, and a myriad of other reasons.  If you aren’t constantly adding names, you will likely see your list shrink at a rapid pace.

There are hundreds of strategies online for growing your list, but one of the simplest methods is to add contacts as you meet them or that are already familiar to you.  To get started, we recommend you begin with that stack of business cards collecting dust in your desk drawer.

Here’s how we helped a client grow their list by several hundred good quality contacts in a few hours’ time:

  1. Order a business card scanner or try one of the apps.
  2. Scan all your cards and upload the contacts into your email program.  You will want to create a “New Prospect” list for these contacts.
  3. Send these “New Prospect” contacts an email letting them know that you would like to add them to your communications list.  Be sure to detail the reasons why your communications add value and share the frequency with which you email.
  4. Watch for responses and be sure to honor any opt-out requests.  It has been our experience that less than 10% opt out.  After a week or two has passed, move the remaining emails to your regular prospect list.rotating address book