Virtual Excellence is Our Specialty

NextLevel Thinking has been a virtual firm from the very beginning. We went virtual to bring the best service to our clients while also having the flexibility to watch our families grow up. The virtual world looked a lot different in 2001, and you can say we were ahead of our time in initiating such an idea. Or just plain nuts! It goes without saying that technology has come a long way since then and we are grateful for the advancements and tools that are now available to us.

Being part of a virtual firm comes with many benefits. One of them being the ability to access the kind of talent we need from anywhere in the country, or the world for that matter. The virtual nature of our team gives us the freedom to work in whatever way works best for us and our clients. The options are limitless!

When asked what is the biggest benefit to working with a virtual team, this month’s team spotlight Kate Buchanan had this to say:

“The benefit of working with a virtual marketing team is that our team is expansive! We can get just about anything done that you ask of us. Are we miracle-workers? Some days we feel like it! Our team is very comfortable in the virtual space, and if we don’t know something, we will most likely have the right connection to figure out the answer! 

Another benefit: Our virtual marketing team makes working with our team very easy! This is crucial, especially with clients who are so busy! Need to take our call while driving in your car? We are ok with that! We will send you the meeting link.”

Our NextLevel Thinking team is ever evolving, continually learning, and growing together. To stay connected, we have brought structure and team building to the mix in several ways: 

  • Weekly status calls with the entire team to ensure cohesion, organization, and strong communication.
  • “Hang-time” two times a year for each team member to focus on personal and professional growth. 
  • Virtual retreats to engage in team building exercises and prioritize unity and camaraderie.


By working virtually and logging in from our homes, we willingly invite each other into our personal lives and embrace the day-to-day chaos. We celebrate when we get a glimpse of a dog stretching in the background or the curiosity of a toddler asking a question. While our team is geographically separated, the ability to live our lives together brings more unity than an office ever could.

Going virtual was the best decision for our team at NextLevel Thinking. We are growing virtually every day and doing life together at the same time!