Tip #3: Delight Your Clients

Recently, a colleague shared an article with us that illustrated the power of 2021 Marketing Tip #3: Take Advantage of Every Opportunity to Delight. The story in the article is relatable and fun because the company featured is LEGO. Here’s a quick summary:

After purchasing a very large, expensive, and hard-to-find Lego Star Wars set John realized he was missing bag number 14. Rather than take apart his 3,000-piece build and return the set to Target, he decided to try his luck with contacting LEGO customer service directly. The response from LEGO deserves a standing ovation. LEGO, not only agreed to replace the bag at no cost to John, but they also took the extra effort to communicate with him in a fun way. Take a look at the email response sent by LEGO Customer Service:

They nailed it and we applaud LEGO alongside with the author of the INC. article, Jason Aten. “Whoever wrote the email clearly knows their audience and took the time to make it fun. With what is arguably very little effort, they turned a disappointing situation into something delightful.”

Do you take advantage of every opportunity given to delight your clients and your customers or do you often miss opportunities? We’d encourage you to take the extra effort to delight your customers. You’ll find that they become customers for life if you do so.

Click here to read the full article from Inc.