The Repositioning of PKF Texas

We always start a relationship by determining what business a client is actually in, and it was no different with PKF Texas. So, how did we get to where we are now?

We began the journey by learning about PKF Texas and understanding what makes them special. And WOW!!! We discovered that their clients have a very deep appreciation for what PKF Texas brings to the table and how PKF Texas makes them feel. This allowed us to develop a description of who they are, why their clients choose to do business with them, and the reasons potential clients should strongly consider PKF Texas.

“Appreciating Your Business™” is the first thing you see on their new website, and this positioning statement conveys the dual meaning of how PKF Texas helps grow the value of their client’s business and makes them feel appreciated all along the way. In fact, the “art of building personal connections”, and the “science of numbers” visually tells the appreciation story. And finally, “Approachable Advisors™” tells the story of their people, and why their clients feel taken care of after an interaction with them.

As a result of this collaborative process, we identified PKF Texas as a “team of numbers-obsessed, people-loving, Space City CPAs and advisors devoted to the art of building personal connections through forward-thinking expertise, grounded in great communication and an entrepreneurial spirit.” They have always stood out in the marketplace, but now they have the words to consistently describe who they are, what they do (audittax, and business advisory), and who they do it for.

So what business is PKF Texas in? The appreciation business, of course!