The Creation of Imagination Translated


Renfrow+Co is a Houston-based fabrication shop comprised of an eclectic group of creative craftsmen. They are well-known in the construction and landscape design industries for their ability to translate any work of imagination into reality. Just when you think they couldn’t get any cooler, you learn something about them that blows you away. Like how not just one, but multiple people on staff have worked for NASA! They work so effortlessly together, and truly like and respect one another. Renfrow+Co is truly one-of-a-kind.

After going through our Investigation process with Renfrow, it was time to put the results we gained to good use. We accomplish this through the development of a Separation Statement. This valuable one-page document sums up their strategy, and is used as a guiding light as we move clients forward from Investigation into Visualization. 

In Renfrow’s case, it was important to show that they are more than just a metal fabrication shop. Through our competitive research, we found the business they are actually in is the business of Imagination. The most recent email campaign we pushed out highlighted this concept best:

Ideas. We’ve all had them. Every great “thing” started out as an idea, no matter how tame or “out there” it might’ve been. But ideas alone are not enough.

By themselves, ideas are nothing more than pipedreams if they can’t be made tangible. 

That’s where we step in. 

After weeks of client research (and conversations with people like you), it took only moments to realize the business we’re actually in. And it wasn’t metal fabrication. It’s the business of Imagination. 

More specifically, translating imagination into reality, something our clients have entrusted us with since 2014. Thus, the concept of Imagination Translated was born.

Since then, we’ve made it our business to sit with you, and your ideas, to really understand what you are imagining. Through our expertise in engineering and pre-construction budgeting, we take your ideas and turn them into tangible pieces of artistry better than you could have ever dreamed of.

Renfrow+Co. Imagination Translated.

Renfrow+Co is now able to put into words what it is they do, and have done since 2014. We are currently introducing this idea to the marketplace and are hyped about the possibilities around it. 

This is what our team had to say about our experience working with the Renfrow team:

“My favorite part of working with Renfrow so far is also the most frustrating and challenging part of what we do for clients: the Separation Statement process. Specifically, taking all of the thoughts floating around my head and summing them up into something spectacular. There is a lot of pressure to make it perfect for the client. Much like Renfrow does for their clients, my job as a writer is to translate the Investigation findings into a usable strategy for the client. Something that is both functional in nature, yet evokes emotion. It’s that ‘Aha!’ moment that I live for as a writer and a marketer.” – Kristen “KD” Dyson

“As a marketing strategy firm, it is our job to bring creativity and abstract thinking to a company or team. With Renfrow, we’ve given the opportunity to work with unique individuals that are just as creative as we are, if not more. The passion, creativity, and incredibly fun ideas that have come over the past few years makes working with the Renfrow team so exciting! I am very grateful for the work I have been a part of in my time working with Renfrow.” – Emily Hemenway Hiley

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