Team Spotlight: Tara Lockhart

Tara has been working with NextLevel Thinking for seven years, and she has made a profound impact on our team and NLT as a whole. When asked to reflect on her time with NextLevel Thinking, this is what she had to say:

Do you have any milestone moments or favorite memories from your time leading NLT?

“Eric Poerschke, NLT Founder, and I met when I worked at OGsys, a previous NLT client. We collaborated on their strategic marketing and sales activities for several years before I made the difficult decision to leave the corporate world in 2012 to stay home with my children. Eric dutifully called me every few months to see if I was bored and ready to return to the workforce. Eric offered me the best of both worlds: a job that I loved and the ability to be present with my family. Next Level has blessed me and my family in ways I didn’t think were possible. As my children have grown and entered full-time school, I have been able to increase my workload and team management duties. It has been a joy to work with clients across a variety of markets over the past several years. I am proud to be a part of the team at NextLevel Thinking. Our thoughtful and talented team creates winning strategies that enable our clients to grow and reach their goals. We challenge one another to be better every day and have created something special that can’t be replicated.” – Tara Lockhart

When asked what it is like working with Tara, this is what the team had to say:

“Tara is the heartbeat of NextLevel Thinking. Her relationship skills are world class and are a major benefit to our team and our clients. She has pushed us in so many positive directions, both internally and externally, which has allowed us to continue to push the envelope on the solutions that we are delivering to clients. And finally, we have an amazing team and she has been instrumental in finding teammates that we are able to bless and they in turn are able to bless us.” – Eric Poerschke

“Tara provides expertise to tackle any challenge, discernment to make the best decisions possible for our clients, and care for her teammates that makes working with her easy and fun. She has impacted so many teammates and clients, we are lucky to have her!” – Emily Hemenway Hiley

Thank you Tara for the many years you have devoted to NextLevel Thinking. We love you! Click here to learn more about our amazing client experience team.