Team Spotlight: Kate Buchanan

As of 2022, Kate hit four years with NextLevel Thinking, and there is so much to highlight and celebrate when looking back on her time as a part of our team.

Do you have any milestone moments or favorite memories from your time here so far?

“Where to begin! NLT has been a blessing to me from the start. After graduating from Dallas Baptist University, I moved to Arizona without any connections or job opportunities. I took a job at a local resort as their Social Media Manager. The position consisted of me, myself and I. I used my education, skills, and resources to manage the ongoing tasks. But I was crucially missing a team that I could grow alongside. Enter NLT! Still living in Arizona, I started working for NLT (alongside 3 other jobs)…my stories from being a wedding planner assistant, florist, and Instagram influencer assistant will be told another time! 

After joining the NLT team, I was hugely encouraged and mentored by a great team that exponentially grew my talents. Since then, I enjoy discovering alongside our clients what business they are actually in, and showing them how to communicate it. 

NLT is very much like family, and genuinely cares about how you are doing/what is going on in your personal life. I love the chances I get to collaborate with my team, and also know them on a personal level too. Plus, we get to have a lot of fun along the way!

Over the years, I’ve learned so much about different businesses (and their services) that I never thought I would know including: Urology, Human Resources, Construction, Testing and Balancing, and most recently Audit, Tax and Business Advisory

One of my favorite memories was working with Pine Cove Camps. As a former counselor, and someone whose life was changed at Pine Cove, this project was near and dear to my heart. It was great to work beside them, and help them strategize.”

When asked what it is like working with Kate, this is what her teammates had to say:

“It’s just an absolute joy to have Kate on our team! She’s one of the best people I know. Her positive approach and can do attitude to life has rubbed off on me, our team, and our clients!!”

Eric Poerschke

“Kate is truly a joy to work with! She is a true example of what it means to be a consummate professional; always organized, cheerful, detail-oriented and gives her all in whatever she’s doing.”

Kristen Dyson

“Kate was tasked with the job of onboarding me when I joined the NLT team. She gave me the guidance to gain my footing and the opportunity to collaborate on projects early on to grow in experience and knowledge. While those things were so helpful, what was most impactful was the feeling of sincere welcome and belonging I received from day one. I have always felt that I have a place on this team, and that began day one with the kindness Kate showed while introducing me to the world of NLT.”

Emily Hemenway Hiley

Thank you Kate for the four years you have dedicated to our team, and the positivity, creativity, and fun you continue to bring to our lives!

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