Team Spotlight: Emily Hemenway Hiley

Emily Spotlight

Emily joined the NextLevel Thinking team in 2021, and she had great things to say about what sets NLT apart, as well as her experience on the team so far.

How would you describe what it is like to work at NextLevel Thinking?

Working at NLT brings variety each week. We have the opportunity to work with such a diverse group of clients, and each one has a different set of needs and gifts. One day I am launching a website, and the next I am designing a logo. The variety allows me to use my strengths while learning new skills. My team is another great aspect of life at NLT. I genuinely enjoy working with all of my teammates and have learned new things from each of them. Working in a virtual firm has given me the ability to get to know my team in such a unique way. We are doing life together, and our team is closer because of it! I have grown into a better thinker and a better person, thanks to NLT!

How have you grown since joining the team?

I have learned so much since joining the team. When I started, my idea of marketing was limited to social media and graphic design. While both of those things are integral to our process, the concept of marketing strategy encompasses so much more. We are diving deep into the DNA of a company and creating messaging that makes them stand out. That messaging is the framework for an ongoing marketing strategy that elevates everything from their business model to their branding. I have learned how to analyze a sales process, lead website creation projects, formulate communication strategies, and all the other behind-the-scenes pieces that keep the marketing strategy wheel turning. I am grateful for how much this team has allowed me to learn and grow.

When asked what it is like working with Emily, this is what her teammates had to say:

“Emily consistently impresses me with her positive attitude and productivity, but I think my favorite characteristics are her quick wit and humor. She’s constantly pushing us to think deeper or in fun, new ways while keeping us laughing. Emily’s contributions to our team and clients are immeasurable. She’s a blessing to us all and I’m so grateful she is a part of the NextLevel family.” – Tara Lockhart

“We can always count on Emily. She serves our clients well and is always ready and willing to help and solve any problem that arises. She makes for a great teammate and an even better account manager. Thankful to have her on our team!” – Kate Buchanan

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