San Diego Blood Bank Wins EAR Award

SAN DIEGO, CA (April 29, 2008) – The San Diego Blood Bank’s Difference in Life campaign is back in the news!!! The “Are you Ready to Make a Difference?” radio commercial was entered on behalf of the San Diego Blood Bank in the 2008 EAR Awards for Effective Advertising on the Radio and was among the commercials chosen as a winner by this year’s judges, a panel of over twenty San Diego radio professionals.

The San Diego Radio Broadcasters Association’s EAR Awards are different than many other advertising competitions, as they recognize radio commercials that produce concrete results. Six English language spots were selected as winners this year as well as two Spanish language spots. Judging focused mainly on the tangible and specific results derived from the radio message and campaign, followed by creativity and execution of production.

“This award is particularly significant because it recognizes the tangible business results that the Difference in Life program has garnered for the San Diego Blood Bank,” says Eric Poerschke, Managing Partner of NextLevel Thinking. NextLevel Thinking is the Houston based strategic marketing firm that created the Difference in Life program for the San Diego Blood Bank.