Repositioning Engineered Air Balance



In 2019, NextLevel Thinking teamed up with Engineered Air Balance Co., Inc. to guide them through the process of repositioning their brand. 

“Before hiring NextLevel Thinking, we knew very little about marketing or advertising. After they joined our team, we realized our true place in our markets and how our clients viewed our business. Their team has helped us understand and build our digital presence and we’ve had a lot of fun along the way. NextLevel Thinking works to understand our business, be part of our team, and share in the success of our company.” – Justin Garner, P.E., Vice President, Engineered Air Balance


The team at EAB was engaged and committed to the Investigation Phase of our process in order to uncover who they were:

  1. We took a look at their competitive landscape in order to understand what their competitors were saying about themselves and how they are positioned in the marketplace.
  2. We spoke with a number of clients to explore and appreciate what makes Engineering Air Balance special and why they continue to engage with them. Additionally, we asked about any gaps in service offerings.
  3. Finally, we spoke to several key employees to capture their perspective, understanding, and appreciation of the EAB mission, company vision, and go-to-market approach.

During Visualization, we worked with the EAB Team to develop a separation statement and the following company story:

Engineered Air Balance is the leading authority in total system balancing and building commissioning at the forefront of industry standards and training.

The difference is their team. As experts in their field, their team is specifically trained, equipped, and technically astute in all markets they serve. Each member of their team is committed to exhibiting their core values of integrity, quality, consistency, and teamwork.

With passionate integrity, their team is dedicated to ensuring comfort and giving their clients peace of mind. Their technical knowledge, unmatched thoroughness, and continuous reliability sets them apart and delivers an optimum operating facility.

You can feel the difference!

We used the internal separation statement and the above, externally-facing story to serve as a guide for the development of their new positioning, messaging, and strategy.

In the Realization Phase, the NextLevel Thinking Team developed a strategic marketing plan that encompassed all of the items and steps necessary to realize the new go-to-market strategy “You Can Feel the Difference”. With the implementation of this plan through our ongoing Collaboration with the team at Engineered Air Balance, they have been able to engage with their clients and partners in new ways resulting in the growth of their business. 

Ready to check out Engineered Air Balance? 

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