Q4 Tip: Create a Memorable Message

Q4 Tip: Create a Memorable Message

There are only so many ways to directly promote your products and services through marketing. Sometimes, it’s worthwhile to stray away from your main marketing agenda to create content that makes your brand more memorable and personal. The more creative you get with storytelling, the more likely you’ll stand out and improve your brand image.

An effective tool to make your marketing more personal, is to share content that includes you and your team. Sharing photos and content that includes your team helps your audience to feel more familiar and comfortable with your company. From sharing photos of staff together at lunch, to showcasing your employee’s and their families during the holidays, personal posting will remind your audience that your company is made up of real people with real families. Click HERE to see an example of how NLT does personal posting.

Another great example of a marketing campaign with this focus comes from the diaper brand Huggies. They found research showing the positive impact of hugs on babies — hugs help build their immune systems, stabilize vital signs, improve brain development, etc. This inspired the brand’s “No Baby Unhugged” campaign aimed at educating parents about the benefits of skin-to-skin contact, and providing volunteers in hospitals for babies in need of hugs, see below:

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