Our Ideal Client

Our Ideal Client


Our Ideal Client

Grateful is often defined as having an appreciation for the benefits received. When reflecting on the many clients that NextLevel Thinking has had the opportunity to serve over the last 20 years, the characterization of our ideal client has become rather obvious, and it starts with gratefulness. And we have been grateful for each and every one of them.

Several years ago, we asked our clients why they were grateful for NextLevel Thinking. From our perspective, the good news was that they very much appreciated our ability to challenge the status quo, push in new and sometimes uncomfortable directions, and refuse mediocrity! They said things like:


“They really take the time to understand your business. They are not your typical marketing firm!!!”

“Good people to work with that produce results. They will push your thinking, so be open-minded.”

“NLT is like no other marketing firm around.  They challenge business leaders to view themselves clearly through the eyes of their customers, and they use that perspective as the foundation for building a meaningful marketing strategy that deeply connects a company to those they wish to serve.”


How do we find our grateful clients? Well, you really never know until the relationship unfolds, but during all of our initial discussions we try really hard to give our potential clients a realistic preview of what it is going to be like working with our firm.

Interestingly, what we have realized over the years is that a grateful client almost always gets much more benefit from our relationship than a client that is not quite as grateful. Why is this? They value what we do for them, are happy and willing to give us their honest feedback, and they realize and appreciate our expertise in all things marketing strategy.

So, gratefulness goes both ways regarding the benefits received. We are grateful to have the opportunity to help companies reach their next level, and our clients are thankful for the relationship, come back for more each year, and spread a positive word about the NextLevel Thinking experience.