NLT Presents Building a Brand

NextLevel Thinking was in Las Vegas for the CBBS/SCABB Joint Meeting. They presented Building a Blood Center Brand. An overview of the presentation follows:

I would argue that your brand is the most important asset at your blood center because it deals with the motivations that drive donors to donate blood and blood drive coordinators to sponsor blood drives. It is important for your blood center to have a well thought out and well-executed strategic marketing program that focuses on building a powerful brand.

So, what is a well thought out and well executed strategic marketing program?

In your case, you are not just trying to create an understanding of the need for blood. Your real objective here is to try and create a familiarity with what it means to save a life through blood donation. In order to create a powerful brand for your blood center, it is important that your message is emotional, and heard by a large portion of your target audience enough times that it consistently reminds them of their role in saving lives.

This interactive discussion will focus primarily on the step by step approach to brand building that has worked for all types of organizations and will wrap up with several success stories of blood centers that have built strong and lasting brands in their markets.