NLT Logo Evolution

Logo Evolution

In last month’s article, we talked about creating our mission statement to define what NextLevel Thinking is and how we propel our clients to the next level. The ensuing activity on our to-do list was to create a logo. 

What’s the purpose of a logo anyway? A common misconception is that a logo needs to be closely tied to what the business or organization does. We don’t necessarily agree. Our thought is that your logo should visually represent your brand in a way that gets people to connect with and remember it. The Apple logo, as an example, doesn’t really say much about consumer electronics. However, when you see it, you’re reminded of how well-designed and user-friendly their technology is.


Our first logo in 2001 was the company name shown as one word, all lower case, in a serif font. The primary focus was actually the italicized tagline: it’s the thought that counts. From the very beginning, we wanted potential clients to recognize our marketing strategy emphasis that was designed to achieve a positive business outcome. In order to realize that goal, a different kind of thinking is required.


Our logo changed to a forward-leaning sans serif font in 2009, making it simpler, cleaner, and more elegant. The tagline was eventually dropped and a square, or box, was added. You guessed it, to illustrate thinking outside the box. We’ve been using this primary logo ever since.


In 2017, we decided to create a secondary logo. As a result, the Think logo was born. We took the word right out of our primary logo to further highlight the thoughtful, strategic nature of how we approach marketing.

And finally, in 2020, we added an NLT logo for use in many of our digital applications. Welcome to the future NLT!

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