NLT Assists at OGsys User Group Meeting

Our client, OGsys, is an oil and gas accounting software company that accelerates answers to critical questions impacting their clients’ daily productivity and overall success.

As the first company to develop an oil and gas accounting software application for the personal computer, OGsys has been a pioneer in the industry for nearly 30 years. They provide their clients vision, guidance and support by relentlessly delivering new product innovation, education and ongoing communication. As part of the education and ongoing training promise, OGsys is conducting three user group meetings in May. They will be in Houston on Tuesday, May 10th, New Orleans on Tuesday, May 17th and Denver on Tuesday May 24th.

NextLevel Thinking will be there to help OGsys deliver the most interactive sessions yet. Clients will have the opportunity to provide suggestions on how OGsys can help them accelerate answers.

To learn more about OGsys, go to their website at