Engaging on LinkedIn

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Good Job!

Good Job! You made it! You’ve now created a LinkedIn Personal Page and your LinkedIn Business Profile is ready to go.
It’s time to start engaging on the platform with relevant content. Еmployee advocacy can be beneficial both for you as an employee and for your company.

What should you share?

Sharing your company’s posts is a great way to share more about your work, your current projects, to boost your company page and most importantly – to make sure people in your network associate you with this field of work. Don’t forget to tag your company and other employees, using relevant hashtags as directed by NextLevel Thinking.

Here are some additional ideas:

• Celebrate your teammates’ accomplishments with posts to support them and your company. These posts show that you’re a team player who gives credit when credit is due.

• Share motivational speeches, quotes, books or podcasts with your contacts. Tagging the authors will also benefit your profile. These posts can appeal to a larger audience and have an amazing reach.

• Share videos or links to articles that pertain to your industry. You can create your own, referred to as native content, or share content from other industry thought leaders.

• Ask your connections a question and give them an opportunity to share their opinion. Polls are popular, entertaining, and a great way to learn more about your connections. They can be related to your field of work or interests, created for fun or with the strategic goal of learning more about a certain question. A great way to determine what your followers want to see in your profile is to simply ask them.

• Is your company hiring? Share the job posting and highlight why you believe it is a great place to work.

• Take a look at the content being shared by your industry partners or associations and add your own thoughts.

• Are you attending an industry event? Post about it! You could also use LinkedIn to invite colleagues.

Ready to see exactly HOW TO CREATE A POST?

Set an Achievable Goal for LinkedIn

At NextLevel Thinking, we believe that spending 5-10 minutes per week pays huge dividends on LinkedIn. Set a calendar reminder to check in on LinkedIn once a week. You might also want to set a timer for 10 minutes as you’ll likely enjoy the platform so much time could get away from you.

The NextLevel Thinking Team will also be delivering links to recent company content directly to your email inbox with suggested company content to interact with via the like, comment or share features.

LinkedIn Mobile

The LinkedIn mobile apps for Android and iPhone are easy to use and put your entire network at your fingertips. We recommend downloading the app and using it to post and connect with others. Our favorite feature is the digital business card. You can simply open the card within the LinkedIn app by clicking the square in the search box and share your LinkedIn code with everyone you meet. This is extremely helpful at tradeshows or other events. Did we mention it is completely free?

Engaging on LinkedIn will benefit you and your company by:

1. Increasing brand awareness and visibility
2. Raising business SEO rankings
3. Increasing chances of customer conversion
4. Improving brand authority
5. Humanizing your business

We cannot overemphasize the importance of social media marketing. However, its effectiveness for your business is dependent on you. The Team at NLT is here to help and support you. Please reach out to your account manager if you have additional questions or if you’d like to schedule a content brainstorming session.

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