Difference in Life Campaign Pays Dividends

SAN DIEGO, CA (June 2008) – The Difference in Life Campaign pays awareness dividends to the San Diego Blood Bank!

The Caster Family Center for Nonprofit Research presented a report to the community on San Diego’s third sector. San Diego’s nonprofits contribute in significant ways to the quality of life in the San Diego region, and the confidence that San Diegans have in the sector is its bedrock.

From November 2007 to January 2008, a total of 1,002 adult San Diego County residents responded to a survey designed to assess their confidence in the ability of local nonprofit organizations to provide quality services on the public’s behalf and to spend money wisely.

At the beginning of this survey, participants were given an identification test to determine their awareness of nonprofit organizations. This was done in order to determine whether or not respondents were basing their perceptions of the sector on an accurate understanding of what is, and what is not, a nonprofit organization.

For the purpose of this study, a person’s ability to correctly identify nonprofits when asked to name three nonprofit organizations was used as an indicator of nonprofit awareness. The top three most frequently identified locally based nonprofit organizations were Father Joe’s Village/St. Vicent DePaul, San Diego Blood Bank, and Children’s Hospital.

“The visibility that the Difference in Life campaign has given the San Diego Blood Bank has really increased their awareness in the San Diego Community,” say Eric Poerschke, Managing Partner at NextLevel Thinking. NextLevel Thinking is the Houston based strategic marketing firm that created the Difference in Life program for the San Diego Blood Bank.