The Evolution of Culture Spark

In September, Culture Spark celebrated seven years of sparking change in company cultures. Founded by Sheryl Lyons in 2015, Culture Spark has grown immensely and we are proud to be a partner in that growth. NextLevel Thinking has been Culture Spark’s strategic marketing firm from the very beginning.

At the end of 2022, we determined as a team that it was time to re-evaluate Culture Spark’s positioning and messaging. While the mission and vision remained consistent, the client offerings and methodology had evolved.

In deep collaboration with Sheryl, we challenged the way we all thought about Culture Spark resulting in the development of a new positioning and messaging that authentically communicates the value Culture Spark brings. When we say “deep” collaboration, we mean just that. At NLT, one of our core values is to listen before we lead. Sheryl is insightful and has a way with words and concrete examples that is unparalleled. Her passion is infectious and energized the team throughout this process. Upon listening to story after story and speaking to numerous clients, we identified several opportunities to communicate Culture Spark’s value proposition. 

At NLT, we often consider a client’s website the center of their marketing universe so we elected to tackle the website. We also increased Sheryl’s social presence with new and different content. We hope you’ll visit the new Culture Spark website and give them a follow on LinkedIn

We are proud of the project and can’t wait to celebrate as Culture Spark continues to grow and positively impact client cultures.  

“I have worked with NextLevel Thinking the full life span of my company. They are an integral part of my team and our continued success. NextLevel Thinking has evolved right along with us, deepening our understanding of our business to keep our marketing relevant and our company clearly separated from the competition.” -Sheryl Lyons

Description: It’s true that a company’s culture is being built with or without management’s involvement. So, Sheryl Lyons’ vision of helping leaders be more deliberate and more intentional in building their company’s culture is being realized at Culture Spark.

What does Culture Spark do?

Culture Spark helps leaders build culture as competitive advantage.  We do this by deliberately constructing and fostering a company culture of purpose, clarification, and accountability that improves performance.

Our methodology includes an ongoing cultural exploration, thoughtful construction and implementation of culture components, and leadership techniques that support organizational transformation.

The result is a business strategy truly aligned with the people executing it, igniting positive impact on hiring, retention, productivity, teamwork, and ultimately, financial performance.

Does your company need a spark?