5 Ways We Took B&D’s Social Media To The Next Level

By Kristen Dyson

When it comes to developing a killer social media strategy, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach. At NextLevel Thinking, we tailor social media strategies around our clients’ unique brand personalities, as well as their customers’ interests. No two clients are alike, and each social channel will look and read a little differently.

We began managing B&D Landscape Contractor’s social media channels in December of 2020, after wrapping up the Investigation phase of our Methodology. Since then, their social media channels have experienced tremendous growth and become an effective brand-building tool, with niche audiences who engage with them through LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook.

Here are five principles that guide us in creating engaging content for B&D: 

Lead With Eye-Catching Visuals

View From Block 98 This one might seem obvious, but striking images are the most integral part of B&D’s social media strategy. The entirety of who they are as a brand centers around Bringing Life to the Outdoors and creating visually stunning outdoor spaces. So, whether it’s from the top of a 43-story skyscraper or on the ground-level of a popular Houston park, we go to great lengths to ensure their social channels reflect that by featuring high-quality images and videos of their work.

Capturing their team in action is always a challenge due to rapidly changing schedules and unanticipated roadblocks. That’s the nature of the business at B&D. When taking pictures on site, we’re mindful of angles and lighting and make every effort to either remove distractions or work around them so they don’t take away from the focal points of the images and videos. We also try to feature their team members on the job, since it’s people their followers really want to see.

Keep Copy Brief

Autry Park Job SiteOne thing we’ve learned from working with B&D is that less is more when it comes to words. We typically keep post copy brief and to-the-point. Their followers are more interested in beautiful imagery than endless paragraphs of copy.

Never Get Comfortable

Social media is constantly evolving. Creating an effective social media strategy requires copious amounts of testing and trial-and-error. Just when you think you’ve nailed down a solid strategy, a new trend will come on the scene or an algorithm will change. It’s important to be flexible and willing to try new ideas to see what sticks and what doesn’t.

Be Selective With Trends

Quarterly MeetingNot every trend will be a good fit for your brand. And that’s okay. As of this writing, “Little Miss” memes have lit the social media world on fire. And while this trend does make sense for some brands, it’s not a great fit for B&D. Utilize the trends that work with your brand and leave the rest.

Have Fun With It!

Just because B&D is a B2B brand doesn’t mean their social media strategy has to be buttoned-up and boring. The best thing about social media is the fun and entertainment it can provide. Always remember that while you can nail your messaging and provide oodles of information, if your social channels aren’t fun and entertaining people will tune out. We make it a point to highlight behind-the-scenes pictures of the B&D team or crew members having fun on a job site. We once posted a video clip of two crew members testing out playground equipment at a job site; to this day it is one of the best-performing posts we’ve had!

As we have shown, the best social media strategies are molded around the unique traits of each brand. Plan accordingly, and don’t be afraid to experiment and evolve your brand’s strategy over time. And bring the fun – social media consumers won’t have it any other way!