5 Holiday Tips for Email Marketing

The holiday season is coming up on us fast. As an entrepreneur, this is an important opportunity to connect with your clients and customers. 

It’s time to start getting your holiday marketing plan in motion. The Next Level Team is here with 5 Holiday Tips to help ensure your email marketing is holiday ready:

  1. Know Your Holidays Every country’s got its major holidays, which often coincide with peak sales times. In the United States, the most important holiday season runs from early November to early January, a two-month promotional window that fuels profits for the whole year. Wherever you’re located, our first holiday email marketing tip is to integrate your list of key holidays into your email marketing calendar. Decide which holidays to include in your plan and execute throughout the year.
  2. Start Early!  We start developing holiday campaigns for the upcoming Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year holidays in September.  The earlier you start, the better you can articulate every word to get your point across.
  3. Create a Sense of Urgency If you want to get sales, you must create a sense of urgency — today! See how that works? You may not be selling a product, instead consider pressing your clients to schedule your service before calendars are full.
  4. Be Festive  The holidays are a great time to have a little fun. When you’re sending out your marketing emails, you should make sure that you’re expressing holiday cheer. You can do this with your email subject heading, body, and email template.  Don’t forget to include your branding.
  5. Be Gracious and Thankful While the holidays often coincide with peak sales season for retailers, don’t lose site of the holiday’s meaning. Take the opportunity to thank your customers and clients for their loyalty.

Let us know if you have additional Tips and Tricks for Holiday Campaigns or if you are in need of help developing and implementing an effective marketing strategy. We would love to hear from you!