4 Ways to Achieve Balance in Email Marketing

Robly published a blog titled “4 Ways to Achieve Balance in Email Marketing.” Balance in email marketing is a topic that comes up with every client. Are we sending enough emails? Too many? Are they too short? Too long? What level of personalization is right? Robly does a nice job of presenting information in the following ideas:

  1. Be personal…but not too personal
  2. Step away from the hard sell
  3. Don’t stop at just one
  4. There is such a thing as too much

The team at NextLevel agrees with Robly’s conclusion:There isn’t one answer. What one email user finds informative, another may find aggressive. There is no one answer here, but testing is how you’ll land on one that works.” Metrics don’t lie. Pay attention to the metrics and you will know what is working.

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