3 Easy April Fool’s Pranks for Easter

Do you realize that Easter falls on April 1st this year?  2018 provides an interesting opportunity for all of us to have a little Easter themed April Fool’s fun with the children (or adults) in our lives.

We’re sharing our favorite, easy pranks from around the web:

#1 Easter Bunny Poop!

Easter Bunny Poop! Yes, poop is gross, but I don’t know what it is about potty humor that makes kids (and some adults) laugh.

You can either leave a trail of bunny poop (jelly beans) or leave a handful in your toilet.  Either way your are sure to get lots of giggles.  [Source]

#2 Egg Dyeing 101

Swap out a few of the hard-boiled eggs with raw ones in hopes that someone will accidentally squeeze too hard or drop it when they’redecorating.

Messy? Yes. Funny? Absolutely!

Tip: Make sure you somehow mark the raw eggs so you know which is which afterwards. [Source]

#3 What’s in the Easter Egg?

This year fill eggs with goodies like veggies, empty candy wrappers, or better yet, candy wrappers that have had the candy swapped with veggies. Ew!

If you need to prep things ahead of time, consider stuffing eggs with fake money, instead of real. [Source]

We hope your Easter is blessed and full of laughter.  

The NextLevel Thinking Team