Missing Ingredients In Your Email Marketing Strategy

“Building an effective email marketing strategy is like laying a trail of breadcrumbs. But how do you keep your audience following along all the way to where you want them to go? And how do you get their attention in the first place? ” According to Andy Walker, Founder of Cyberwalker Digital and email marketing […]

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Boosting B2B Email Open Rates

Looking for tips to boost your B2B email open rates? “Crafting beautiful emails full of useful content and calls to action is not enough on its own. If your emails do not get opened, you are wasting your time.” In his article, Errington covers the following four BIG topics with easy and practical advice: Getting […]

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Email Metrics: Consumers are Opening More Emails and Clicking

What do your email metrics look like? The Data and Marketing Association published interesting emails statistics earlier this year.  “Business-to-consumer emails are much more likely to be opened – with a 19.7% open rate compared to 15.1% for business-to-business (B2B). But, B2B has a higher engagement rate once opened, with a click-through rate of 3.2% […]

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